Abortion Access

Every woman should be able to decide for herself if, when and with whom to start or grow a family.

If you are looking for abortion care in Maryland, check out our directory here: https://prochoicemd.org/mapd
If you are looking for information about how to fund your abortion care at a Maryland clinic, visit here: http://mdmedicaidabortion.org
If you are looking for assistance to get to your appointment for abortion care at a Maryland clinic, check out our new Maryland Abortion Access Alliance and see if we can help! Visit here: https://mdabortionaccessalliance.org

The right to choose abortion is essential to ensuring people can decide for themselves if, when and with whom to start or grow a family. We’ll never stop fighting to protect and expand this fundamental human right.

No federal law exists requiring health insurance plans to cover abortion care. In fact, the long-standing Hyde Amendment forbids the use of federal funds for abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the pregnant individual’s life, meaning that Medicaid and many insurance plans subsidized by the federal government must exclude abortion from their lists of covered services. Thus, despite the vast expansion of healthcare coverage brought by the ACA, abortion remains inaccessible to many due to the potentially high out-of-pocket costs.

That said, we are fortunate that Maryland is one of 16 states that use their own state Medicaid funds to cover abortion care in certain circumstances. If you are a Maryland Medicaid recipient and need resources concerning abortion care under Medicaid, please access our webpage here. Many private health insurance plans in Maryland also cover abortion care; call your provider before your appointment to check about coverage.

The Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade that affirmed abortion as a constitutional right for all was supposed to be the beginning of the fight for women’s equality and autonomy, not the end. Since then, we’ve been forced to defend it over and over again as anti-choice politicians and organizations focus on undermining and chipping away at our rights until they can do away with legal abortion access completely. They’ve passed hundreds of laws to restrict a woman’s ability to access safe, legal abortion care. These laws take many forms, including trying to outlaw abortion altogether, shutting down clinics, restricting access based on income level and dictating which medical procedures are available.

Anti-choice extremists will stop at nothing. They have opened thousands of fake health-care “clinics” that lie to and mislead pregnant people to prevent them from considering abortion as an option. And some anti-abortion zealots—emboldened by extreme rhetoric from anti-choice groups and politicians—have even murdered doctors and bombed clinics.

Pro-Choice Maryland will continue to fight to keep abortion safe and legal for all, regardless of ZIP code or income. We will mobilize together to defeat attacks in our state. We will help elect candidates who will be champions for reproductive freedom. We will push for an increased range of abortion care covered within the state Medicaid system. And we will continue to educate, inform and rally the public to protect and expand the fundamental human right of all people to make their own decisions about their lives.