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Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice refers to the procurement of women’s reproductive rights within the greater context of universal human rights and social justice. The reproductive justice movement strives for the overall well-being of women through the full protection of women’s human rights, and the conditions necessary to realize these rights. This movement seeks to eliminate reproductive oppression by targeting the social contexts - such as race, class,or age- which prevent women from exercising their reproductive rights.

The Reproductive Justice Briefing Book was first compiled in 2007 for the US Social Forum. Since then, it has been updated many times with new articles on a wide range of issues within the reproductive justice framework. An educational and organizing tool, the Briefing Book features short articles on issues such as Sex Education, Abortion, International Adoption, and many more. Each contributor also provides additional resources for activists to become involved. To view the Briefing Book, which is hosted at the Pro-Choice Education Project's website, click here.

Understanding Reproductive Justice
For a closer look at what reproductive justice is and its role in the pro-choice movement, read SisterSong's paper Understanding Reproductive Justice.


Asians & Reproductive Justice
Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ), a founding member of the Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective, provides a comprehensive overview of reproductive justice.


Latinas & Reproductive Health
To read about Latinas and reproductive health, check out the National Latinal Institute of Reproductive Health's (NLRH) paper, The Reproductive Health of Latinas in the U.S.

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