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Healthy Pregnancies

Being pro-choice includes supporting a womanís decision to become a mom or choosing adoption. We stand with women who decide to continue their pregnancies.

Some anti-choice politicians talk about "respecting life," but the way they vote doesn't square with this view. A major anti-choice organization even opposed the Children's Health Insurance Program,a federal program that provides millions of children with access to basic healthcare.

Anti-choice politicians not only want to take decisions away from women; they also refuse to help women who choose to continue their pregnancies. That's hypocritical.

We can't let anti-choice groups get away with their hypocrisy. We can do a lot to help women have healthy pregnancies. Being pro-choice is about supporting women in making the decisions that are best for them and their families.

  • Quality prenatal care is so important. That's the best way to achieve a healthy pregnancy.
  • Some moms and their families need additional help accessing health care, and that's why Marylandís family-planning programs are so important.
  • Women and couples who choose adoption also deserve support and resources.

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