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Birth Control

For the 98% of American women who use some form of contraception during their lives, birth control is basic, essential health care. The Obama Administration agreed when it included birth control services in the Affordable Health Care Act.

Unfortunately, 46 years after the Supreme Court struck down a ban on birth control with Griswold v. Connecticut, the far right still tries to block womenís access to contraception with refusal clauses and lies about birth control causing abortion. Birth control is not abortion.

More than 40 million women of reproductive age are sexually active and want to prevent unintended pregnancy. [Guttmacher Institute, Facts in Brief: Contraceptive Use(Feb. 2005)] There are many ways to make sure those women get the birth control they need.

Fact Sheets
Birth control, or contraception, is critical for sexually active women and their partners to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
Did you know EC can help prevent pregnancy after sex? Check out our fact sheet for more information.
Want to find the closest pharmacy that sells EC? Check out our map.
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