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What's Your Plan C When You Can't Get Plan B? [Executive Summary] [Full PDF] A 2017 NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund study on the availability of and barriers to accessing over-the-counter emergency contraception (EC) in Maryland.
The Truth Revealed: 2008 Crisis Pregnancy Center Report [pdf] The results of a 2008 NARAL investigation into so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers."

Forthcoming in 2017:

Will the Deception Ever End? Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Maryland 
A 2017 NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund study on the scope of services and staffing of anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers in Maryland.

The Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Youth in Maryland
A 2017 resource for pregnant and parenting minors and supportive allies to help be informed about issues regarding education, healthcare, family law, and child abuse protections.

Could We Do More?  The Argument for Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in School-Based Health Centers.
A 2017 report on including more comprehensive and sexual reproductive healthcare in public high school SBHCs is worth the investment to helpi more students realize their education goals in Maryland.

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