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NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Statement on Closing of Maryland Clinics by Owner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                   August 25, 2017 

Statement by Diana Philip, Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, on the announced closure of two Maryland abortion clinics:

"Each longtime owner of a medical facility seeking to willingly close the business has to choose when and how to do so in the best interests of one’s family as well as the community that has been served. Although the announcement of the closing of the Prince George’s and Germantown Reproductive Health Services may seem sudden, it has been known in the Maryland abortion care community that the owner had been considering ceasing operations. Our hope is that the clinic owner is closing the current facilities at this time knowing that the new Planned Parenthood clinic in Prince George’s County which opened last year and Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s new practice to be established in Maryland will continue ready access to reproductive healthcare.”

"The most immediate concern is in regards to how the closure of Germantown Reproductive Health Services will affect access to later abortion care, specialized medical services that have been provided by Dr. Carhart and his team at the clinic since 2010. For the last few years, Dr. Carhart has shared his vision with allies to create his own facility in Maryland to address the dearth of training available to medical professionals in later abortion care. In addition to expanding access to care by training more medical professionals interested in offering these services, this new practice would allow Dr. Carhart to continue providing patient-centered care to those referred by their own doctors within Maryland, as well as the many individuals and families who travel from other states seeking this expert care."

"NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland is an advocate for reproductive health, rights, and justice. We work to ensure every childbearing individual has the freedom to decide if, when, and how many children to have. In doing so, we acknowledge that every pregnancy is unique and honor pregnancy decision-making in all its complexity. We share the same commitment as others in the abortion care community to having later abortion care remain as readily accessible as possible.”


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