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Did you know that Maryland was the first state in which cities passed laws requiring fake anti-choice “clinics” to post signs disclosing that they do not provide certain reproductive-health services?


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Maryland is a pro-choice leader
Maryland's strong, pro-choice laws with few restrictions on reproductive rights earned a "B+" in NARAL Pro-Choice America's rating of states' laws.


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Our Coalition Work

In order to be as successful as possible in supporting or opposing legislation, policies, and practices that affect choice, we often work in coalitions with others who share our short- or long-term goals.

Below is a look at some of our coalition work that relates to advocacy during the 2016 Maryland General Assembly:

For many years, we have organized the statewide pro-choice coalition, Marylanders for the Right to Choose (MRC). This year, MRC has supported legislation such as the Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act (SB 848/HB 1005) as well as the Rape Survivor Protection Act (HB646/SB593).  We opposed anti-choice bills including 20-week abortion bans (SB 749/HB 603), ultrasound requirements (SB 626), abortion reporting requirements (SB 793), abortion coverage bans (HB 1357), and a personhood resolution (HJ7).

In order to further our goals in advocating for reproductive health, rights, and justice, we are also proud members of other statewide coalitions engaged in legislative efforts this session.

Women’s Economic Security Agenda (WESA) This coalition, led by Maryland Working Families, is supporting four bills in order to assist Maryland workers with establishing statewide earned sick leave benefits, paid medical or family leave programs, pay and advancement equity, and fair workplace scheduling and compensation practices. These four types of legislative measures help realize goals of gender equity and reproductive justice – the ability to engage in meaningful family planning as well as parent with dignity – and not force Maryland workers to choose between health and economic needs.

These bills are: Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program (SB 485/HB 740), Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (SB 472/HB 580), Equal Pay for Equal Work (SB 481/HB 1003), and Fair Scheduling, Wages, and Benefits Act (SB 664/HB 1175).

The Working Matters coalition is specifically focusing on passing the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (SB 472/HB 580).

The Maryland Coalition to Reform School Discipline is committed to ensuring that the discipline of young people in Maryland schools is fair, equitable, appropriate, and designed to keep kids in school and on track to graduate. All schools in Maryland should be safe and welcoming environments and where every student in the state has the opportunity to access a quality education that is responsive to each individual's emotional, developmental, and academic needs. In addition to eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland is interested in ending practices in which pregnant and parenting students are mislabeled as truant, as well as push out factors that contribute to their dropping out of school, including school climates that make students feel unsafe.

We are supporting the Task Force to Study Restorative Justice Discipline Practices in Maryland Public Schools (HB 1466), and supporting, with suggested amendments for pregnant and parenting students, the Task Force to Combat Habitual Student Truancy (HB 429). We are opposing School Resource Officers (HB 198).

The Maryland Prisoner Rights Coalition seeks to improve conditions for adults and juveniles confined in state prison, jails, and detention centers by advocating with the incarcerated, their families, and communities impacted by crime through policy and legislation. NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland’s interest is in the state adequately meeting the sexual and reproductive healthcare needs of women and girls incarcerated or detained in Maryland systems. This includes access to preventative healthcare, abortion care, prenatal care, and post-partum care, as well as environments where facility practices do not frustrate or jeopardize one’s sexual or reproductive health, especially in relation to healthy pregnancy outcomes.

We are supporting Correctional Services Restrictive Housing Report (SB 946/HB 1180) and Juveniles Restraint and Search Limitations (SB 1072/HB 1634).

The Maryland Women’s Coalition for Health Care Reform seeks solutions and advances reforms that promote health equity through access to comprehensive, affordable, high quality care for all Marylanders. Women are often the guardians of the health of their children and families. They are often the caretakers of the sick, disabled ,and elderly in our neighborhoods and communities. And, they are often unfairly burdened by our health care system because they often: (1) hold low-paying jobs with no health benefits; (2) hold part-time jobs with no coverage; (3) are single mothers with dependent children who are ineligible for Medicaid; and (4) work in small businesses that cannot afford to provide health insurance. Some 365,000 uninsured women in Maryland are affected by one or more of these problems.

We are supporting Network Access Standards and Provider Network Directories (SB 929/HB 1318) and Health Insurance Special Enrollment Period for Pregnancy (SB 662).

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