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Did you know that Maryland was the first state in which cities passed laws requiring fake anti-choice “clinics” to post signs disclosing that they do not provide certain reproductive-health services?


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Current Laws

Maryland is a pro-choice leader
Maryland's strong, pro-choice laws with few restrictions on reproductive rights earned a "B+" in NARAL Pro-Choice America's rating of states' laws.


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Our Coalition Work

In order to be as successful as possible in supporting or opposing legislation, policies, and practices that affect reproductive health, rights, and justice, we often work in coalitions with others who share our short- or long-term goals.

We are always UPDATING!  Below is a look at some of our coalition work that relates to advocacy during the 2017 Maryland General Assembly:

For many years, we have facilitated the statewide pro-choice coalition, Marylanders for the Right to Choose (MRC). This year, MRC members are supporting legislation such as HB613/SB363 Pharmacists – Contraceptives – Prescribing and Dispensing, as well as HB428/SB574 Family Law - The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act.  Some are also supporting HB429/SB217 Criminal Law-Sexual Offenses - Physical Resistance and HB1560 Education - Family Life and Human Sexuality (we supported the Montgomery County version earlier this session - .HB365). 

We all are opposing anti-choice bills including 20-week abortion bans (HB547, HB1167, SB841) and abortion coverage bans (HB1223).  All of which died in committee this session.

MD NARAL served as the lead advocate on HB1205 Public Institutions of Higher Education – Access of Students to Emergency Contraception. Although this bill died in committee, we will continue to organize in college campuses across the state and determine the type of legislative measure best to introduce next session.

We also supported measures to help protect Marylanders' right to healthcare access in anticipation of federal attempts to repeal or limit the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid, such as HJ9/SJ7 Protection of the Federal Affordable Care Act, HB909/SB571 Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Act, and HB1083/SB1081 Health – Family Planning Services – Continuity of Care, which creates a mechanism to offset potential funding losses to clinics that use Title X funding and serve Medicaid recipients, such as Planned Parenthood of Maryland and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington.

In order to further our goals in advocating for reproductive health, rights, and justice, we are also proud members of other statewide coalitions engaged in legislative efforts this session.

Women’s Economic Security Agenda (WESA) convened by Maryland Working Families, is supporting bills to assist Maryland workers with establishing statewide earned sick leave benefits, paid medical or family leave programs, pay and advancement equity, and fair workplace scheduling and compensation practices. These types of legislative measures help realize goals of gender equity and reproductive justice – the ability to engage in meaningful family planning as well as to parent with dignity – and not force Maryland workers to choose between health and economic needs.

These bills include: HB1615/SB1145 Maryland Fair Scheduling Act, HB214 Discrimination in Employment – Conditions Related to Pregnancy or Childbirth, HB398/SB404 Labor and Employment - Equal Pay - Job Announcement and Salary History Information Disclosures, and HB1416/SB962 Labor and Employment - Payment of Minimum Wage Required (Fight for Fifteen).  We opposed HB317 Labor and Employment - Wages and Benefits - Preemption of Local Authority.

MD NARAL is also a member of the Working Matters coalition,which is specifically focusing on passing HB1/SB230 Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act. We opposed Governor Hogan's versions HB382/SB305.

The Maryland Coalition to Reform School Discipline is committed to ensuring that the discipline of young people in Maryland schools is fair, equitable, appropriate, and designed to keep kids in school and on track to graduate. MD NARAL is interested in ending practices in which pregnant and parenting students are mislabeled as truant, as well as push out factors that contribute to their dropping out of school, including school climates that make students feel unsafe.This year we are supporting HB1287 Commission on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Restorative Practices (we also partnered with GLSEN in support of the bill), HB425/SB651 Pubic Schools - Suspensions and Expulsions, and HB1222, Maryland School Discipline Reform Act

MD NARAL is proud to be the lead advocate on HB616/SB232 Education - Pregnant and Parenting Students - Attendance Policy. Organizations in support include: Adoptions Together, Advocates for Children & Youth, Associated Catholic Charities, Baltimore Child Abuse Center, Citizens Review Board for Children, MD Court Appointed Special Advocates, Family Tree, MD Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, MD Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, MD State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, MD Conference of the NAACP, CASA de Maryland, Maryland PTA, MD Catholic Conference, National Women's Law Center, MD Chapter of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, MD Association of Nurse Midwives, ACLU of Maryland, MD AAUW, the Women’s Law Center of Maryland, and GLSEN. We also are supporting a good companion legislation: HB1381/SB866 Education - Adult High School Pilot Program. 

The Maryland Justice and Safety Alliance seeks to improve conditions for adults and juveniles confined in state prison, jails, and detention centers by advocating with the incarcerated, their families, and communities impacted by crime through policy and legislation. MD NARAL's interest is in the state adequately meeting the sexual and reproductive healthcare needs of women and girls incarcerated or detained in Maryland systems. This includes access to preventative healthcare, abortion care, prenatal care, and post-partum care, as well as environments where facility practices do not frustrate or jeopardize one’s sexual or reproductive health, especially in relation to pregnancy outcomes.

This session, we are supporting HB1001/SB1015 Correctional Services - Restrictive Housing - Limitations, HB1255/SB981 Juveniles - Mechanical Restraints, and HB1256/SB982 Juveniles - Strip Search - Limitations.  Practices such as indiscriminate strip searches, overuse of mechanical restraints, and solitary confinement contribute to poor pregnancy outcomes.

Other bills we are supporting per request of allied organizations and/or legislators include:

HB95 Sales and Use Tax - Hygienic Aids

HB395/SB293 Child Care Subsidy Program - Alternative Methodology – Report

HB418/SB294 Child Care Subsidy Program - Reimbursement Rate Adjustments

HB698/SB362 Public Information Act - Records Relating to Alleged Job-Related Misconduct by Law Enforcement Officers

HB1362/SB835 Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act

HB459 Higher Education - Adult Correctional Institutions - Job Training and Education

HB1067 Shelter Services for Homeless Women – Feminine Hygiene Products

SB625 Public Schools and Shelters - Homeless Girls and Women - Feminine Hygiene Products

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